I love acronyms…but I love AAA more, and it just so happens my office is next door to one.

So last month, I had to renew my car registration (wow, has it been a year already?), but managed to lose my renewal notice. The bad thing about that is it has the RID (the renewal ID) required to be able to do the transaction online, which would normally be the most convenient. Therefore, I had to do this in person, since it had already expired, and didn’t want to have old tags on while driving around New Year’s.

I knew that AAA offered some DMV services, but wasn’t sure how efficient they would be. I figured it couldn’t be any worse than going all the way to Pasadena and lining up at the DMV, and that worst case, I’d have wasted walking next door to find out they couldn’t handle my case. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to care of me and my registration.

Only issue was that you cannot use credit cards, including debit cards, and they only accept cash or checks. Since I usually don’t carry $300+ or my checkbook with me, I had to go next door to Wells Fargo to get some money. Once back at AAA, I checked in with the receptionist, and sat for a few minutes to wait for the next available clerk. Unfortunately, they required a proof of insurance, since my company Esurance (who I’m actually not too fond of), didn’t send that info to the DMV like they’re supposed to. It wasn’t a huge deal, since all I had to do was walk next door to my office and print out my insurance card. After I returned with the printout, and another brief wait, I was out of there with my new 2007 sticker.

If I can’t do it online next time, I’ll definitely go to AAA — just need to remember to take cash, and my proof-of-insurance.


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