From the other side of the camera…

I’ve lived in LA all my life, but never seen the Rose Parade live until this morning — it was rather interesting seeing it from somewhere other than over the shoulder of Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards. I think what makes it so painful to watch on TV is the boring narration, and all the descriptions of the material used to make the floats — becomes quite monotonous after the first couple. Also, how different can marching bands sound, or what’s up with the equestrian units? On the other hand, seeing it from the street added a whole new dimension — the massive amounts of people (it was at least 4-5 deep everywhere), the breakdowns, aid stations, security, vendors, traffic, etc.

It was very convenient for me to go this year, since I live only a few blocks from where the parade ends, which is at Pasadena High School, so I hopped on my bike, and made my way to the route about 8:30. They didn’t arrive for about another hour, and the last float went by about 2 hours after. Starting at 1pm, they’ll allow the public to view the floats, and will have them there until tomorrow. I was planning on going until I found out they’re charging $7, but I may ride by later on this afternoon.

During the parade, I mainly stayed between the finish at Orange Grove/Sierra Madre, and the 210 overpass — speaking of which, did you know that all floats have to be designed to be able to go underneath it. I watched a few of the taller ones, and those that were designed to collapse, and some barely cleared it by just inches.

Below are some photos I took along the parade route:

Storm Troopers
Dragon raised right after going through the 210 overpass
The goofy-looking Tournament of Roses staff on scooters
Nothing like a bacon-wrapped hotdog at 8 in the morning
The Royal Court
Ladders were prohibited, but didn’t stop most people
The Red Cross handing out cups of water
Sierra Madre’s 2nd Place Entry
Ok, so now I can say I’ve been there…and definitely done that.


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