Another year…

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since my Brazil trip I took last New Year’s!

Well, I just got home from the Giant party that I really hadn’t planned on going to, but my friend Anna of Glycerin (don’t forget to check out their gig at the Vanguard in a couple weeks) managed to comp me a ticket, so I went at the last minute, since I didn’t have any other plans (I was supposed to be in Miami, but that got canceled).

This year, they moved the location a few blocks south to a big parking lot between 8th and 9th St in downtown LA, right by the Pantry. They constructed three Big Tops, capable of holding nearly 10,000 people, and in the common courtyard, there was a ferris wheel and other carnival games and rides, a couple bars, and a BBQ stand.

I got there relatively early to avoid the chaos, and by around 11pm, it got pretty crowded, although the dancefloor, other than the smallest tent never really got full. The music was great at first — especially Architects of Sound, and Jimmy Van M. But as the night went on, and the headliners started, the music started to lose its dynamics and got boring. I thought Sasha and Digweed’s set was pretty bad, and so was Ferry Corsten’s and even Jason Bentley’s, whose set I usually enjoy, was crappy.

As I was hoping the music would change, I hadn’t noticed it was close to midnight, and I don’t think the staff realized it either, since they did a real half-ass countdown with only 5 seconds left, barely enough time to get my camera out.

Check out the countdown video:
The drinks were rather expensive too — $12 for cocktails, and $7 for beer. I don’t know how much the food was, but I’m sure it was expensive as well. The parking was good though — big structure across the street, and cost only $10. There was a huge police (LAPD) and medical presence — the latter being more busy, since there were quite a few people who had a bit too much (not necessarily drinks, btw). I saw one guy getting carried away on a stretcher, and it was only about 10pm. The porta-potty situation was horrible because they didn’t have enough — lines were huge, and most guys ended up pissing on the side of the tent. If you think that’s disgusting, you should’ve seen what the inside looked like.

Overall, my night wasn’t too bad — I didn’t regret going, but at the same time, I’ll likely not go next year.


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