Month: January 2007

It’s official…

I’m now listed as one of the entrants for this year’s Grand Slam, so all I have to do now is show up (and finish of course). I’m also planning on doing Old Dominion and AC for the Last Great Race, assuming I don’t go broke.


Nazis or Elected Officials of Belmont?

This small suburb of San Francisco is trying to pass what could be the most stringent anti-smoking ordinance in America. What makes it so strict is that it could potentially ban people from smoking in their own homes, which is absolutely ridiculous. I can understand public places, but to not be able to smoke in the privacy of your own living room is absurd.

LA Times article here.

Also, let them know how you feel by filling out this comment form.

SoCal Ultra Series Awards/Party

It started with a run from Gary and Pam’s house up to Orchard Camp along the Mt Wilson Trail — a short but steep out and back 8 miler, which happens to be the same route as the annual Mt Wilson Trail Race. Afterwards, Gabor fired up the grill for some burgers/dogs, along with a nice spread of a variety of foods and drinks. The turnout was larger than I expected — many familiar faces, plus a few new ones. Gary made the awards presentation for the various categories, which included age-group and overall mileage/points winners. Xy Weiss took the prize for both overall mileage and points, with Gabor and David Overstreet coming in a close 2nd and 3rd respectively for the points, and David (again) with Ashley Nordell capturing 2nd and 3rd for the mileage.

For more info on the series, go here.

Rest of the photos here.

Hiker Attacked

Jim Hamm was attacked by a mountain lion in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Wednesday, and was rescued by his wife who stabbed the animal with a pen and hit it with a branch, which eventually led the cat to let go of her husband. Full story here.

This reminds me of my only encounter I had with a mountain lion, and it was during the inaugural Auburn Marathon two years ago. As I was running around Robie Trail (part of the WS100) alone, I sensed that something was around me, but couldn’t see/hear anything. Every few hundred feet, I’d stop and look and listen for what I was hoping was a deer or squirrel, but then I heard a low growl. Even though I’ve never heard one before, I knew it had to be a lion. That freaked me out so much that I managed to pick up the pace, and almost ran right passed a bench along the trail — it turned out to be a memorial for a runner who was killed by a mountain lion in 1994. That article here.

In 2004, two bikers were attacked in Orange County — Mark Reynolds, unfortunately did not survive.

Kid Tossed

A 3-year old girl and her family were told to get off an Air Tran flight because she was not behaving. I feel the airline was completely justified in doing so, and wish other businesses, including movie theaters and restaurants would do the same when faced with similar situations. Rude and obnoxious children, are the responsibility of their parents to be kept under control, and if they are not able to, then they should all be subjected to the consequences, including getting thrown out of a plane.

Full article here.

Air Tran is now one of my favorite airlines/businesses.

I passed!

76 out of 100 (70 is passing) was my score on my CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) routing and switching recertification exam I took earlier this evening. This was my fourth time (you have to recertify every 2 years) since I originally got certified in January of 1998, and I dread having to study, since it consumes so much of my time. Less than 3% of all Cisco certified professionals earn their CCIE, with only 4000 in the US, and 14,000 worldwide.

I was especially stressed this year because I procrastinated longer than usual. I was already on suspension, since I waited an additional year to recertify, so if I didn’t pass before the 29th (yes, next week), I would’ve had to start all over and take the lab exam as well.

To prepare, I used a sample test from TestKing, which I highly recommend to anyone attempting any certification exams.

Here’s an actual question that I did get on the exam:

The IP precedence of a packet can be determined from:

A. All 8 bits of the ToS byte
B. Bits 3, 4, and 6 of the ToS byte
C. The three most significant bits of the ToS byte
D. The three least significant bits of the ToS byte

Ok, if you’re curious, the answer is C.

Now back to my normally scheduled life once again…

Hold Your Wee for a Wii

That was the name of the contest that radio station KDND in Sacramento conducted — the rules were simply, whoever drank the most water without going to the bathroom would win a Nintendo Wii. Jennifer Strange, after drinking over 2 liters of water, died from hyponatremia. A lawsuit has been filed against the radio station, and all personnel associated with this promotion has been fired.

This is a reminder that drinking too much water is just as bad as being dehydrated — remember to take your electrolytes.