The Grand Slam…or the Last Great Race?

So I’ve been stressing about the Wasatch lottery for a while, since that would’ve determined whether I would be able to do the Grand Slam or not…so I thought. It seems that they’ve made a provision recently, and as long as I get my app in on time, and finish the first three races, I’ll be able to run Wasatch.

Ok, now the question is, do I want to do the Last Great Race instead?

What is that you ask?

The Last Great Race consists of the first 6 100-mile races (Old Dominion, Vermont, Western States, Leadville, Wasatch, and Angeles Crest) in the US which was first run by the legendary Marshall Ulrich, and another gentleman Gordon Hardman back in 1989. The difficulty lies in the fact that they all occur between June and September, with an average of about 3 weeks between races, with the last two (most difficult?) on consecutive weekends. Since it was established, there has only been 33 people who completed the series successfully.


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