Imogen Heap

I didn’t know who she was until last night when I went to a show at the Wiltern that she was headlining — I mainly went to see Kid Beyond, who was one of the opening acts, and awesome as usual. Initially, I was hesitant to spend $25 and stand in line that wrapped around the block, but am glad I did. Imogen Heap‘s show was incredible — in fact, all three acts were really great. It was quite interesting that they all used a similar technique to perform — I know that Kid Beyond uses Live, a software loop sequencer which I also happen to use to make music and perform. The other two, I’m not sure what they used, but the technique and result was the same — they’d record a short loop (perhaps 4 bars), then continue to layer on top, including their own vocals which they’d eventually harmonize into. It was very live, which are the kinds of shows I enjoy, since there’s very little that’s canned or planned or recorded ahead of time.

If you’re wondering, Imogen Heap’s sound has been compared to PJ Harvey and Kate Bush. Her original album, imegaphone, has been re-released last month, so you can now find them in stores. Personally, I like her newer album better — Speak For Yourself, including Hide and Seek, which you may have heard on the TV show THE O.C.

Go see them if you get a chance.


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